The other half of marketing:

Sometimes it’s really hard to describe what you do….then:

…then someone comes along and writes a really nice, concise, humorous piece about the things that you consider yourself to be good at and you go ‘aha, so that is an actual thing and people make a living from it!’

To read the full article by Margo Aaron click here.

But if you don’t have time or don’t want to tear yourself away, here’s the highlights:

  • There’s another side to marketing
  • doesn’t have a road map. It’s a sloppy messy series of things you do that may not work.
  • You need to learn people. Study people. Pay attention to people
  • You’ve been asking, “How do we market this?” – The real question is: “Who is this for? And why should they care?”

If that’s the bit of marketing you’re struggling with. Get in touch.